From Giovinazzo, Mario Chiarella graduated with honors as a Fashion Stylist at the ‘Institute of Bari Callegari
He’s ‘very young when in 2004, at the age of 23 years old,he is the  finalist in the
category “FUR” of the XIV National Competition “RICCIONE MODA ITALIANA”.
Two years later,he again took part at  the national contest  and qualifies the firist.
Thanks to he’s two creations of fur, one lynx, the ‘other mink, Mario Chiarella is the 6th winner ex-aequo,at  the  “THE NEW ITALIAN DESIGNER” contest  sponsored by VOGUE and the ‘AIP.
After many experiences in the world of ‘Haute Couture decides to create its own
brand.La collection MARIO CHIARELLA SPRING / SUMMER 2013 is selected and submitted to WHO IS ON NEXT? 2013 where we can see his unique style for Haute Couture.

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